The Euros are FINALLY here (albeit 1 year late!), and as football fanatic employees here at Craigmore, we are extremely excited!  To celebrate, we are offering our amazing customers the chance to take part in our Craigmore Euro 2020 Sweepstakes...


Entry couldn't be easier - simply fill in the form below before midnight on Saturday 19th June and you will automatically be entered....THAT'S IT!


Once entered, if your chosen team progresses into the knockout stages then you will be sent an exclusive coupon code to use on our website. To make things that little bit more interesting, if your team continues to progress through the knockouts, then you will be given another coupon code with an increased amount of discount for each knockout stage they get to.  You can either use your discount code immediately or take a risk in the hope that your team progresses further for you to receive an even bigger reward!   If, however, your team is knocked out, then all coupon codes associated to your team expire - sorry!  Please note that only 1 coupon code/1 entry per customer is allowed.  GOOD LUCK!

Fill out my online form.