3M Versaflo M-306 Helmet

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3M Versaflo M-306 helmet features a general purpose coated visor and faceseal for use in the construction industry, chemical applications and heavy industry. In addition they incorporate head protection (EN397), essential for areas where hard hats are mandatory (e.g. construction sites.)

  • Lightweight well balanced modern design
  • Fully-adjustable head suspension
  • Excellent peripheral and downward vision
  • Description

    3M Versaflo M-306 Helmet 
    3M Versaflo M-Series helmets and face shields are lightweight and well-balanced to provide an integrated system of protection from a range of respiratory, head and eye hazards (EN166 Medium Impact).

    Please Note:
    Designed to be connected to a powered air unit via a breathing tube (not supplied)

  • Features

    • Lightweight well balanced modern design.
    • Fully-adjustable head suspension.
    • A deflector allows users to direct the airflow inside the head top for increased control and comfort.
    • Straight forward care and maintenance
    • Spare parts and accessories are quick, easy and intuitive to replace.
    • Large visor for excellent peripheral and downward vision with good optical clarity.
    • Lenses provide chemical and scratch resistance.
  • Specification

    ModelVersaflo M-306
    Typical ApplicationAgriculture,‎ Metalworking,‎ Chemical Processing,‎ Construction,‎ Smelting,‎ Demolition,‎ Pulp and Paper,‎ Food and Beverage Manufacturing,‎ Woodworking
    Standards/Approvals‎ ‎EN 166:2001,‎ EN 397,‎ EN 12941 TH2/TH3,‎ CE Approved,‎ EN 14594 3B
    Protection Level‎NPF: 500 (TR-302E/TR-602E),‎ NPF: 50 (Jupiter),‎ NPF: 200 (V-Series)
    Product TypeHelmets
    Product SeriesM Series
    Net Weight832g
    MaterialPolyurethane coated polyamide faceseal / Polycarbonate visor
    Hazard TypeFalling Objects,‎ Gas, Vapour and Particulates,‎ Liquid Splash,‎ Low Energy Flying Particles / Dust


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Out of Stock

Out of stock.

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