3M 617839 Speedglas G5-01 Adflo Welding Helmet with G5-01VC Filter and Consumable Starter Kit

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Based on extensive input from welders working at high amperages that need to grind frequently, the 3M Speedglas Heavy-Duty Welding Helmet G5-01 is created to be adaptable to an individual’s needs and situation. The new 3M Speedglas Heavy-Duty Welding Helmet G5-01 has more adjustable features than ever: from the colour as seen through the welding filter to the direction of the airflow and the level of coverage.

Includes Consumable Starter Kit and Heavy Duty battery.

  • Includes Consumable Starter Kit
  • Welding Filter Shades 5, 8-14
  • Largest Viewing Area: 104mm x 170mm
  • Description

    Includes Consumable Starter Kit

    • Speedglas welding filter G5-01VC: variable dark shade 5, 8-14 and variable dark state colours (for shades 8-14). For most types of arc welding
    • The big (104 x 170 mm), the clear protective visor is curved, with excellent views up, down and peripherally.
    • Natural Color technology makes the filter view seems lighter, more detailed and colourful. Auto-ON/OFF.
    • For more control over your comfort, the innovative G5-01 helmet duct system lets you direct the airflow to either your face, visor or somewhere in-between.
    • Re-configure your helmet using our many additional accessories to just the right coverage for your head, neck, and shoulders.
    • With the right type of filter, the Adflo respirator effectively protects you against both particles and gases - all in one system
    • The slim profile and ergonomic design make it even more lightweight and easier to go into tight welding spaces.
    • The G5-01 ADFs are Bluetooth enabled: with the 3M Connected Equipment app, users get access to additional functionalities, statistics and documentation.
  • Features

    Natural Color Technology

    • Both of the new G5-01 auto-darkening welding filters (ADFs) feature the popular 3M Speedglas Natural Color Technology for more realistic colour in the light state. And the G5-01VC (Variable Color) model lets users select a warm, standard, or cool colour preference.

    Adjustable air flow

    • With the helmet’s new duct system, users can direct the airflow to either their face or visor, as well as the amount of air coming from the top outlet vs. the two side outlets. With greater control over personalized settings, users can balance the airflow’s cooling effect while minimizing flows that might dry out their nose or eyes.

    Comfortable and protective

    • Designed for heavy-duty, high amperage welding and grinding, the flip-up G5-01 welding helmet connects to the 3M™ Adflo™ Powered Air Respirator to provide class TH3 respiratory protection.
  • Accessories Included

    Consumable Starter Kit Includes:

    • 3x different types of sweatbands; fleecy cotton, towelling and leather
    • 2x inner cover plates and four standard outer protection plates
    • 1x replacement clear visor plate
    • 1x breathing tube cover
    • 1x replacement face seal

    Speedglas Carry Bag

  • Specification

    Model3M Speedglas G5-01 Adflo Welding Helmet with Variable Colour Welding Filter G5-01VC
    Air SourcePAPR
    Battery Life‎ ADF up to 1500 hours, Turbo: approx. 7-9 hours
    Battery TypeADF: Lithium 3V (CR2450), Turbo: Heavy Duty Battery Lithium-ion
    Filter Type‎‎Particle filter
    Filter Viewing Area73mmx107mm
    Light State‎‎Shade 3
    Number of Sensors‎‎‎4
    Product SeriesSpeedglas G5
    Switching Time (Light-Dark)‎0.1 ms @ 23°C
    UV/IR Protection‎Shade 14 (permanent)
    Welding ProcessMost types of arc welding, arc detection down to 1 amp TIG, grinding.


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